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Did you know that ticket sales alone cover less than 60% of the Zeiterion’s annual budget? As a non-profit performing arts center, we rely on your support. In order to relentlessly pursue our mission to entertain, inspire, and engage our community, WE NEED YOU! You have the power to share the incredible experiences you’ve had so often at The Z with those in our community. Donate today by selecting one of the options below. 

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Now, more than ever, we need the connections that the arts enable. When you see a show at The Z, you’re never alone. When we laugh at The Z, we laugh together. When we sing at The Z, we sing together. When your heart beats at The Z, it beats in time with those around you. These connections enrich our lives, open new opportunities, and unite diverse groups. When you come to The Z, you share your experience with 1,000 audience members. When you donate to The Z, you share that experience with thousands more.

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