Theater Behavior

The Z realizes that attending a Schooltime performance may be the first introduction to attending a live performance for many students. A live theatrical production is exciting and vibrant. The actors, the audience, and the backstage personnel are all part of the experience. Your students, as part of the audience, play an important role in the atmosphere of the production. Please remind your class that everyone will have a wonderful time by remembering their theatre etiquette.


It is important to remain seated throughout the entire performance.

Restroom visits are best made before the show begins.

Lights Out = Quiet Time. When the lights in the theatre dim to blackout, this is a signal that the show is about to begin. Please make sure to settle down and get ready for the performance. When the lights on the stage come up, all attention should be on the performance.

Cell Phones and other electronic devices are prohibited. Noises from electronic devices are highly distracting to the performers so please make sure they are turned off.

Give your full attention and energy to the performers. In return, the performers give it back to you with a better performance.

Don’t talk or whisper during the show unless you are asked. It can be disruptive to the performers.

Do not interrupt performers with comments that may disrupt the performance for others.

Show the performers your appreciation for their efforts! When there are parts that you particularly enjoy, you should feel free to laugh and clap.

Please do not put your feet on the seats or other furnishings.

Please do not run anywhere; you and your friends can get hurt.

We hope you enjoy this theater experience and that you will return, either with your class or with your friends and family, to enjoy other presentations that may interest you. Your cooperation will ensure a pleasant environment for everyone to enjoy, cherish, and remember.