Moscow Festival Ballet Stuns with Cinderella


Fairy tales are stories that break the boundaries of reality and imagination. Fairy tales put children’s imagination to the test and challenge them to wonder why the mythical creatures from the stories aren’t real. Fairy tales teach lessons and give children larger dreams than they ever could have imagined.

Cinderella, one of the most famous fairy tales, is a story all kids know and love. Although, when you think of Cinderella you normally think of the Disney movie and not the original fairytale. Between the two, there are some similarities, but many differences.

In the performance, by the Moscow Festival Ballet, they took the original Cinderella story, which is less common to everyday people, and intertwined it with awe-inspiring ballet. From beginning to end, the Moscow Festival Ballet, from Moscow, Russia, took you on a journey through the not-so-traditional version of Cinderella.

The talent the dancers had, became more and more exposed as the performance went on. The dancers’ stunning talent gave them an amazing ability, so powerful and strong, that they could tell the audience a story of loneliness, greed and love so effortlessly.

The magnificent costumes and delightful music in this show, added to the story’s overall effect. Without talking, it’s hard to keep people interested in performances, but having brilliant costumes and music made the show more intriguing to watch and gave you something to listen to as well. Since the music was very dramatic you were able to understand and follow along with what was going on throughout the show. The costumes helped you visualize the different scenes occurring during the performance.

By the end of the performance it was as if the audience was thrown back into their childhoods. Into a time where nothing mattered except playing with friends and spending time with loved ones. A time when you thought life was as easy as a fairy tale. But even when life gets tough, just remember that “if you keep on believing, a dream that you wish will come true.”


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