Ballet Hispanico Review

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In 1970, Ballet Hispanico was founded by Tina Ramirez. The troupe blends Latin cultures like Cuba, Brazil, and the Caribbean under one of the most notable forms of modern dance. The main purpose of the dance is to tell stories through how the body moves in accordance to Latin music. Traditional styles of Latin dance like Cha Cha or Mambo are also combined with this version of ballet. The Zeiterion was the most recent host of this Latin celebration of dance and music.

Ballet Hispanico is a very melancholy show. It’s split into multiple stories, each one with different psychological and cultural elements. A wide variety of color and music tells a very emotional story with each performance. With a run time of around two hours with two intermissions, the show never drags.

This was a type of dance I was previously familiar with but almost never found myself interested in. Ballet Hispanico was a breath of fresh air from the performances I usually come to the Zeiterion for. I found myself relaxed and lost in the show. Between the beautiful colors and choreography, Ballet Hispanico was a night well worth experiencing.

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