Fantastico Hispanico!!

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On Friday April 12th I had the privilege of seeing Ballet Hispanico, an incredible dance show featuring beautiful ensembles with the inspiration of the original Latin traditions. The show consisted of three acts; the first act was performed only by women using the art of flamenco, the second act was performed by the whole company telling the story of what it is like to grow up in a Mexican-American world and the final act, also performed by the ensemble featured exciting costume changed and in-synch partner dancing.

Act I, performed flamenco style was stunning. This act was showcased only female dancers who moved across the stage in fitted, white, tank tops and black top hats. The hats were passed across the stage throughout the number as if they were floating. This act was the most somber of the three, it had a slower feel with darker lights. At the end of the number the women came out wearing different colored cardigans for a more upbeat finale. As the curtain dropped they struck a pose for the audience. This act was extremely powerful, the physical capabilities of the women dancing took my breath away and it was nothing like I had ever seen before.

Act II, performed by the entire ensemble was very different from Act I, now with both men and women on the stage there were many more opportunities for stunts. Woman were being lifted off the ground and carried across the stage. This act included a wheel where the dancers put their arms around each other and moved in a perfect circle, this step requires intense technique and dedication, the dancers pulled it off flawlessly. Unlike Act I, Act II was much more lighthearted, all of the colors were brighter and the dancers moved much faster with the change in music genre. This act included a duo, between a man and a woman to the song “Creep,” this is because Act II told the story of what life is like growing up in a Mexican American family. The finale showcased the whole ensemble in flowy white skirts which looked elegant during the final contemporary piece.

Act III closed up the show, the ballet ended with a bang! Act III topped all acts before it, the greatest moment was when three female dancers were on stage and out of nowhere their dresses when from black to red in one flawless motion and from behind each of them another dancer appeared as it was magic in the middle of a ballet. Act III was the only act to have an all-male number, it was totally worth the wait. Each man on stage moved perfectly in sync to the dancer on each side. Both the dance moves and the music made it clear that Act III had an edgy vibe, the dancers used sharp motions instead of the flowy ones used in the acts before. The show closed off with the ensemble on stage for a final mind blowing number.

Ballet Hispanico was the best dance show I’ve ever seen, the dancers were incredible at their jobs and their dedication and technique was appreciated by the whole audience. The show ended with many humble bows from the company and a standing ovation from the crowd. I would recommend the show to anyone!

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