“Lit” Dancing

Iluminate EVENT


Let me start off by saying, this show was not one I would pick for myself, but I’m glad I got to experience a new form of performance art. iLuminate, like it’s name says, is in complete darkness, with only colorful LEDS to light up the stage. These LED are put onto their bodies acting as costumes, hair, and even glasses. They also use them to make the set. Everything from a building to trash cans. This show wouldn’t work without the help of engineers. The creator Miral Kotb, used her passion of dancing and software engineering, for others to be inspired, and experience new things.

You may have seen them on X Factor, Dancing with the Stars, The American Music Awards, and many more. They even have shows all over the world, including Cairo and Malaysia. The show including many different styles of dance such as hip hop, ballet, and contemporary. One of my favorite dancers was Cop Bob. Not only was he a very funny character, but he was an amazing dancer. He did a lot of breakdancing moves, and spun on his head. I wonder how he did it while he’s in the dark, and how long it took for him to nail it. Another character I enjoyed was the main character Jacob. At first I thought he said he couldn’t dance, but he obviously could because when he had the paintbrush, he glided across the stage. His style was more contemporary and ballet, so it was a nice change.

The story was about Jacob who finds a magical paintbrush, and Daraius, a jealous ex steals it from him. Ali is Jacob’s current girlfriend, and Darius’ ex. Her best friends Starlight and Househead are there along the way. This show was also very interactive. When trying to find a way into a different dimension, they brought up an audience member to help play the game, and unlock the portal. There were also many times we were told to repeat a word after the actor said it, or even knock knock jokes. This shows brings you back to your childhood with the bright lights, fun music, and crazy dancing. There were lots of kids in the audience dressed in glow sticks and neon, who may have been experiencing their first shows, and this was a great introduction into the world of theater, music, dance, and technology.

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  • Ballet Hispanico
  • Winston Churchill: The Blitz

2018-19 SEASON  ////////////////

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  • Jessica Lang Dance
  • Yamato Drummers

2017-18 SEASON  ////////////////

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  • A Christmas Carol (2016)
  • Capitol Steps
  • Che Malambo
  • Doo Wop
  • The Giver
  • The Moth Mainstage