Jessica Lang’s Dance is Filled with Excitement


Before I start this review I must inform you. This show is not something I myself would ever purchase tickets to. Being a 14 year old boy, dance is not one of my favorite things but this show easily proved me wrong. Even if you think you will not like this show, trust me. Give it a chance.


This show is a completely unique experience and not what you’d expect at all. The musical score is fantastic and sets a perfect mood for each dance (5 in total). The costumes themselves also added an amazing effect to the whole show as well. And finally there were of course, the performers.


The performers are what really made the show “wow.” Filled with energy and excitement it was the performers that made this show a show for anyone. You could feel the passion flowing through the performers as it was almost electric and everyone in the audience was in awe. Overall the experience of Jessica Lang’s dance is like no other and I recommend it to anyone even if you’re not sure

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2017-18 SEASON  ////////////////

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