A Beautiful Pleasure: The Moscow Ballet


Dancing to the Disney original, Cinderella, the dancers of the Moscow ballet portrayed the iconic characters such as the evil step sisters and mother, the prince, and Cinderella herself. This twist on a classic fairy tale was nothing below spectacular!!! These men and women who have devoted countless hours of training to their work are simply incredible! There technique was flawless, and as dancer myself, I definitely enjoyed this ballet.

Even though there was no included dialogue, the dancers gracefully portrayed the story of Cinderella and her struggles to get to the ball and try on that magical glass slipper. The costumes were very beautiful, but the dancers themselves even more so. They all (men and women) danced with such beauty and grace that kept getting better! Along with the moving choreography was soothing music that also transitioned with the overall mood of the performance.

Even though this was strictly ballet, each dancer carried him/herself differently than the rest, making every dancer unique! Each of the main characters had several solo or duet moments that were all breath-taking and personally helped me to follow along the storyline.

Of course this wasn’t just some people dancing for 2 hours, there was beautiful music and some props as well. And huge painted backgrounds were used to depict the setting such as Cinderella’s house or the ball of course!

Overall, this performance was interesting and simply stunning! It is enjoyable and appropriate for every age, and it really introduces people to a classical and old fashion dancing style. I highly recommend going to see this performance for yourself and be inspired as I was.

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