Jessica Lang: Dancers that Dance to Entrance


Jessica Lang brought to the Zeiterion five unique dances consisting of several variations of nine unique dancers. Jessica Lang in her pieces takes nine different dancers with nine different skill sets and weaknesses and makes them into one cohesive group. Her dancers move with such strength, beauty, and elegance in perfect unison in every motion. When choreographed the dancers also used canon exactly right, each dancer beginning a set of movements before the other and eventually falling back into unison.

Like any good dance group Jessica Lang’s dancers have insanely beautiful turns, jumps, leaps, and lifts and they make it all look easy. They glide through the air and land light on their feet without a sound making themselves seem light as a feather. Lang’s dancers are always up on the balls of their feet with gorgeous pointed flexed feet. The muscle tone on the legs and arms of these dancers shows how hard they work at their job. Not only is their lower body technique near flawless but so is their upper body.

Almost all of the dancers have at least one costume change which they do in record time. Not only are the dancers gorgeous in classical and contemporary but they’re also pretty en pointe. The dancers are always smiling through their pain and their ability to convey emotion is fantastic. All the songs Jessica Lang uses are pure instrumental and most are Beethoven. Lang’s dancers prop use is exquisite and they also use costume props. Overall Jessica Lang Dance is mesmerizing, captivating, and entrancing.

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2017-18 SEASON  ////////////////

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