Jessica Lang Dance Review


Leading around fifty shows a year, Jessica Lang Dance has been operating since 2011. The team has performed at world-renowned locations and events such as Jacob’s Pillow Dance Festival and the Joyce Theater. Award-winning Jessica Lang and her talented company offer a unique style of storytelling. Making use of a variety of talented performers, Lang’s show is a wonderful example of a great story that can be told with only movement.

This week at the Zeiterion welcomed Jessica Lang and her team of performers for one of her shows. Being themed under “the Veteran’s Experience”, Jessica’s show at the Z reflects on military men and women and the struggle they go through today. Jessica made sure to do heavy research after being commissioned for the project. She interviewed multiple vets, including her own father to build up and understanding of what they went through.The main goal of the show was to support veterans through understanding their struggle while also appreciating them through dance. With almost 40,000 homeless veterans on the street, this show tells us that we owe veterans more than we give them.

Jessica Lang’s show is a beautiful display of creativity that is attached to an important message. In order to support veterans, we must understand and acknowledge their hardships. The performance succeeded at showing off the brotherhood, love, and community vets provide. Throughout the show, simple colors and music are used to convey an emotion. Red costumes and lighting are used to create a sense of urgency. Blue, yellow, and green wardrobe designs create a peaceful environment that lets you get lost in the story. The actual dance is very well choreographed. With the help of whimsical music, the performers and their organized ritual paint a clear picture of the feelings veterans live through.

I highly recommend any show of Jessica Lang’s. Her art is a therapeutic and entertaining experience. I would love to see her return to the Zeiterion.

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