Powerful Percussion


On January 21st I saw the Yamato Drumming group perform live at the Zeiterion theater. The theater was brought to life by their sprawling and vibrant set, consisting of lights, a large platform, and seemingly endless drums of various sizes and designs. The performers did not speak any English during the show, which did add to the authenticity, but also didn’t take away from the relatability of the the performance. The humor still came out spot on and the various skits they did involving their instruments really got a reaction from the audience.

Audience involvement was a big part of the performance at many different parts. One of the performers really played to the audience and connected with us throughout the whole performance. He would start clapping rhythms that the audience could do to contribute to a set, which made the show very immersive. At the end they were kind enough to do a few bonus songs for the audience after the initial bow, even doing another audience participation scene.

Overall the most extravagant scenes were filled with passion. It was clear how dedicated the drummers were to their craft, and they brought that dedication to the show with every beat. The physicality of the performance was also very impressive. In many scenes the performers would be carrying the body sized drums as they played, there was even a part where they played with most of their body off the platform, so they had to user their core to keep themselves from falling. The energy in the theater was electric as these drummers gave their all with each strike of the drums. This is definitely a show I’m glad I didn’t miss, and would recommend to anyone.

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