Dark and Light: A glimpse into the world of the Yamato Drummers


The sound of vibrations, like shocking waves, reverberate throughout the building, intertwining with the beating of my heart. I hear the chorus of drumbeats, percussion, and string grow loud and soft, as the voices of man and woman blend to form one song of words. This is Yamato.

In their performance, the Yamato Drummers tested every convention and broke every rule. Their music was an act of drama and comedy. They broke the fourth wall multiple times throughout their show, and the audience, mesmerized one minute, would be filled with laughter the next. The Yamato Drummers had a playful and relaxed relationship with the audience and one another, so much so that they seemed more than a group onstage, but a family. They joked and laughed onstage, at one time having a drumming contest amongst themselves, even involved the audience in the act, letting us make our own music from our seats.

The stage was alive the entire show. Everything, from the lights, to the music, to the bizarre and vibrant outfits the Yamato drummers incorporated in their act, seemed like it should have clashed, but fused together beautifully. It is a sound both calm and violent, strong and sweet, war and peace.

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2017-18 SEASON  ////////////////

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  • A Christmas Carol (2016)
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