Yamato, Yesmato!


The Yamato Drummers are a group of Japanese drummers who put their own unique spin on traditional Taiko drumming. Using several different types of percussion instruments as well as a banjo like instrument and vocals the Yamato Drummers keep their audience on the edge of their seats. The Yamato Drummers hit every movement and every sound with complete strength and precision. They are so clearly passionate about everything that they do on stage. Their chants although completely not understandable to anyone who isn’t a Japanese speaker are loud and clear.

You can almost feel the energy of the drummers as they pound their drums and leap high into the air. Their reactions to one another are so clearly staged and make for hilarious entertainment. When moving on stage the Yamato Drummers are perfectly unison in everything they do. The silhouettes cast onto the walls of the theatre although most likely unintentional are beautiful and mesmerizing. The use of lighting is blinding and makes the performance all the more entertaining. The sounds were loud, crisp, sharp, clean, and clear.

The Yamato Drummers engage the audience as a part of the performance. They take note that someone is there watching the moves they make. Every movement and every sound is done for the audiences enjoyment. The Yamato Drummers clearly take pride in what they do bringing joy to people from stages around the world. These incredibly talented percussionists have their audience clapping and laughing along to the beat of their drum. Overall the Yamato Drummers are an entertaining group of drummers who leave you wanting more. No time is wasted watching this production and it is definitely worthwhile.

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