Yamato Drummers: Drumming their Way Around the World


When most think of a drumming performance, they may think of a show that is very loud and overwhelming that could get boring and repetitive after a while. Most wouldn’t think of a performance that includes choreography, costumes, and a dynamic and exciting set. All of these aspects were included in the performance by the Yamato Drummers. Coming all the way from Japan, the Yamato Drummers visited the Zeiterion and delivered a show-stopping performance from beginning to end. These eight men and women were able to perform one of the most lively and exciting shows I have ever attended.

Various drums of different sizes and pitches were used throughout the performance. Each type of drum was used for a different purpose, the smaller ones being used to make the audience feel more involved and in contact with the performers and the larger ones being used to project as much sound as possible. Other instruments were used during the performance as well to add a new and contrasting element to the performance. For example, a traditional Japanese instrument was used multiple times throughout the performance to add a unique sound that was different than anything else used in the show. Also, a flute and small cymbals were used to contrast the booming sounds of the drums. The use of different instruments allowed the audience to have some time to recover in between very intense and energetic parts where only drums were used.

The set was very unusual and appealing. It changed frequently to go with the style of the piece that the group was performing. There were also a few times where the curtain was lowered and the performers went in front of the curtain creating a more intimate setting than before. This allowed the performers to interact with the audience, like the call and response clapping that occurred and helped add a comical aspect to the show.

The Yamato Drummers were some of the most physically fit performers I have ever seen, adding to the exciting and engaging nature of the show. Those eight people were not just drummers, but full on performers, willing to do whatever it took to put on a good show. That is what it takes to put on an outstanding show that people will remember and recall forever.

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