The Drummers of Yamato are not to be missed


This weekend I walked into the zeiterion  theatre not knowing what to expect from the yamato drummers. And I can now say walking out that this show is something that I’m glad to have witness. The emotion from the drummers poured from them off the stage and into the audience and simultaneous “wow”s were heard from almost everybody there. The scenery itself was like that of a dream, & filled with color and art. Now onto the basis of what happened.

The show itself consisted of a group of around 10 drummers who would play an intense loud and booming song. Then one of the group would show off or “challenge” another drummer. Overall the full group music was astonishing but the challenges or “showing off” was probably my favorite part of the whole show. You really get a sense of the drummers skill on their own and there skill in a group. The sounds filled the room well and could be heard from the top of the street. Overall I thought the show was fantastic I’m glad I went and if you go you’ll be glad too!

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