The Challengers


Sitting in the audience, feeling every single beat of the drums through your seat is exhilarating. The Yamato drummers call themselves, The Challengers, challenging the world’s energy. They definitely met the challenge, because throughout the entire performance there was never a dull moment. Sound filled the room at all times, no matter if it was the soft back beat of a drum or a powerful piece of music. The energy never stopped. The Yamato drummers used different types of drums, ranging in many different styles, sizes, and noises that they made. Each drum was used for a different purpose in the show. One part of the performance was a battle between two of the drummers. One drummer would start to play while the other would grab a larger, and louder drum to “one up” the other drummer. This showed how many different drums were present and the distinct the sound of each.

Along with the drums they used different styles of sticks and props to beat the instrument at powerful speeds. Hitting the drums at different speeds and using different props lifted the energy from the drums and the performers into the audience. Speaking of the audience, the Yamato drummers also included lots of audience participation. They had the audience clapping and chanting with the drums and even doing some arm movements. When the audience would lack energy during the participation portions of the show, some of the drummers would attempt to correct us and “fire us up.” This made the audience laugh, and challenge themselves to please the performers with intense energy.

Not only did the Yamato drummers use drums, they also used string instruments, flutes, and different types of cymbals. To play any of these instruments, they stood in wide stances and bent really low, so they could lift their arms up high. What added lots of effects to the show was the colorful costume choices that were unique to their culture. Overall, the show was a thrilling, rhythmic experience like no other, that I highly recommend.

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