Doo Wop is Back and Better-than-Ever!



As a fifteen year old who was born in 2001 the music I’ve grown up listening to has largely consisted of a slew of pop songs that consist of lyrics that inhabit your brain for months on end. Needless to say, I am pretty foreign to the style of doo-wop  and was pretty uncertain about about going to see a show focused solely on music I wasn’t even sure I liked. However, seeing Todd Baptista’s Doo Wop at the Dawn of Soul has turned me into a huge fan of this forgotten genre of music due to how fantastic the show was.

The show itself was made up of four acts, each one focusing on a different doo-wop group from the 1950’s or 60’s, and although I didn’t recognize any of the names being announced I could tell from the ecstatic cheers erupting out of the people surrounding me that all of the performers were huge back in the day. Unfortunately I was only able to watch two of the four groups perform, but the minute the first song of the night began I was riveted by the energy of the performers and found myself completely swaying along to the tunes. Prior to the show I’d believed that doo-wop was just a bunch of fast-paced scatting, but I was pleasantly surprised to hear that the genre ranges from soulful ballads for loved ones to bopping tunes telling about good times.

Despite my newfound love for doo-wop music, I’d have to say that my favorite part of the night was taking in the people around me. Aside from my fellow teen ambassadors and I the audience was mostly people in their 60’s and 70’s who I’m assuming came to enjoy a blast from the past to their teen years, and seeing their reactions throughout the night was absolutely fascinating. With whoops that coursed through the crowd as a tune all too familiar to them was played and they happily sang along knowing every word, it was clear that for these people this show was a time machine allowing them to reminisce about their lives decades ago.

Altogether Todd Baptista’s Doo Wop at the Dawn of Soul was a fantastic performance in all aspects of the word, and I would jump at the chance to see it again (despite the fact that I would never have seen the show on my own accord). With a wide variety of ballads and uptempo ditties filled with goosebump inducing harmonies and passionate solos, the music itself is absolutely breath-taking and has a sense of nostalgia to it that has me remembering times I never even experienced. The energy of the performers was through the roof, and that definitely transferred to the audience and all its members. The show was reminiscent, sleek, and a whole bunch of fun for everyone in the room. Therefore, if you’re looking for a night away from the real world and into the world of jazz, I’d 100 percent recommend this show.

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