Doo Wop Review


Tonight’s show at the Z was not something I would have thought twice about viewing under normal circumstances. Doo Wop is a subject that had entertained and amazed by in the past, but nothing that I was ever increasingly invested in.

   Before days of modern technology and without need of expensive equipment, Doo Wop was popularized in the 1950’s with professional singers and musicians popping up all over America. Doo Wop provided entertainment in barber shops, schools, churches, theaters, and plenty more. The craze was not stopping anytime soon.

   Featuring artists such as The Solitaires, The Marcels, and many more, Todd Baptista’s Doo Wop show at the Z was a success. Award-winning artists who have written hits such as “Blue Moon” were greeted with cheers after each performance. Even though a Doo Wop concert is something I never thought I’d ever attend, I’m glad I did. Some may recognize tunes from other media such as the movies Back to the Future and Ghostbusters 2. Regardless of their ties to anything, each song was played flawlessly by the lively musicians who clearly were enjoying their time on stage. The entire performance was uplifting and exciting.

   Don’t be quick to judge! Even if the sound of a Doo Wop concert doesn’t interest you, don’t be so quick to shut it down like me. You may just find your new favorite genre.

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