Che Malambo is As Intense as Dance Gets


Argentina generously brought their company Che Malambo to the Zeiterion for a eccentric show full of dancing, yelling, and emotion. Not their choreographer, but their “director,” Gilles Brinas, produced a show that involved humour, solemn, and an overall feeling of resonation.

Donald Trump’s idea that anyone from south of the border should stay south of the border would most definitely be rallied harder against after seeing the masterpiece that is Che Malambo. The crew and show itself originate from Argentina to bring to life the tale of gauchos (South American cowboys). A variety of traditional dance is used, and set in keeping with tradition only males are allowed as dancers. Malambo is the dance that incorporates precision footwork, rhythmic stomping, and drumming and song, while also incorporating the storytelling of the gauchos.

The visualizer of this whole production, Mr. Brinas, put into motion the authenticity and meaning of how influential and touching dance actually is. The use of solo acts and group performances allowed for comfort and better resonation between the audience and the dancers, as solo acts tended to be strong in emotion and shock value. When put together as their group the dancers were strong in achieving perfect timing while not being too ridiculously prepared.

Shock value is prevalent in the show considering the use of long strings with a hard object attached at the end that is swung around in dance acts with precision. The clacking of both feet and the rope hitting the stage is ultimately mesmerizing, driving you to want to know more and more about why the dancers do what they do. Aside from just swinging the rope with their hands, several dancers went on to continue swinging the rope when placed in their mouth, evidently proving their performance was not just any regular dance routine.

The standing ovation given to the Argentina group proved well deserved after a vigourous and intense show featuring dancing that made me feel worn out. The technique and originality that came with Che Malambo further proves their success should be much higher as the authenticity will seemingly never be replicated by another group anytime soon.

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