A Unique Show you Have to See to Believe!


I’ll admit, I was skeptical upon reading about this show. It’s a total spin on what I usually go to the theater to watch and enjoy. Despite this, the end result defied my expectations and left me wanting to see more!

Che Malambo is an Argentine based company that entertains viewers with a very unique and expressive dance style. Through stomping, footwork, drumming of bombos, singing, and whirling boleadoras, the dance is guaranteed to interest you. This all-male performance educates us on outside cultures we would not normally expose ourselves too. The show is subject to solo dances and much bigger and elaborate group performances.

Gilles Brinas – a renowned dancer and choreographer, was amazed by the Malambo. So amazed that he created the company of Che Malambo to reflect this culture to many others. Che Malambo premiered in Paris in 2007 and since has toured all over the world, now currently on a five week tour to twenty-five different cities!

Not only was the show interesting and informative, it kept me on the edge of my seat with hypnotizing dancing. Che Malambo began and instantly woke me up with the stage’s bright colors and loud drumming. This beautiful sight to see was followed by a very rhythmic and specific style of footwork (making me honestly quite jealous of their talent). Che Malambo later grows more and more insane, bringing in more instruments and performers as time goes on, leaving room for equally as brilliant solo dances in between. Not a single dancer skipped a beat as they flawlessly took the show.

Even though Che Malambo was not my usual interest, I’m very glad I was exposed to this new style of dance and I’d absolutely love to see it again. If you ever spot the crew on tour, make sure to stop by and enjoy the magic!

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