The Giver is More Femininity Than Masculinity in This Production of “The Giver”


In wake of women empowerment and all that has come with sexism and gender discrimination throughout the 2016 presidential elections, the American Place Theatre (APT) brought their one woman interpretation of The Giver to the Zeiterion.

The Giver, a novel written in 1993 by Lois Lowry, parallels a little too much to what our society is becoming. The novel follows a 12 year-old boy named Jonas’ life as he unveils the literal “sameness” of everyone and everything in his society. When Jonas gets his career as Receiver, he finds himself learning more than he think he should. His new career allows him to be mentored by the Giver, a man who trains the Receivers. The Giver reveals new information to Jonas about the world and society he lives in and how destructive it really is, in turn, Jonas decides to leave.

The APT brought this whirlwind of a novel to life with one woman, Aurea Tomeski, portraying ALL characters from the novel. The idea, directed by Elise Thoron, turned out to be very progressive and easy to follow along had there been a whole cast and production.

As someone who has never read the Giver, nor watched the movie, I found Ms. Tomeski’s portrayal drive me to want to read the book or watch the movie. Her interpretation of Jonas was enjoyable as I found her midwest sounding accent quite humorous and youthful. It was most interesting to see Ms. Tomeski transform from one character to another so quickly. In one scenario she was old sounding and crouching in order to portray the vintage role of the Giver, but within a millisecond she was back to being Jonas all peppy and upbeat sounding.

The solo performance production of The Giver seemingly changed the game for productions of novels. Had it not been a one woman show and featured more extras than necessary there’s a good chance it would’ve been more difficult to identify certain emotions and revelations as to how characters felt. Without a doubt, the APT brought an incredible rendition of the 1993 novel to the Z, allowing for great discussion.

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