The Giver Review


On March 2nd, I was fortunate enough to experience “The Giver” in a whole new artistic style at the Zeiterion Theatre.  Having read and enjoyed the book, it was a memorable experience to view a spectacular one person performance in the Zeiterion Theatre.  The 90 minute show was completely directed and adapted by Elise Thoron who perfectly characterized the emotions, and “Lack of” emotions for each character which kept the story going.  Portraying the inner conflicts of Jonas, and the Lawful Evil system with so much imaginative creativity, we as the audience were able to experience the harshness and cruelties that the Elders of the Community in the book unleashed on its own population being expressed through art.  With “The Giver” being a complex story and a story that raises questions about morality and political structures, the lively discussion after the show was also riveting keeping the audience engaged as much as possible.  Allowing all opinions and political stances to be accepted, we had the ability to express different opinions without any conflict, which is a rare luxury these days.  Both the show, and the discussion were marvelous experiences and being able to participate in both was just perfect for me

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