The Giver Review


Tonight at the Zeiterion began with a book club meeting of Lois Lowry’s, The Giver. New friendships formed as Martha Ucci, Ph.D helped run a discussion on various aspects of the story. This sparked some very fun and interesting analysis on the nature of the novel.

Although not my usual cup of tea, this meeting did set the stage for American Place Theatre’s adaptation of The Giver. The story revolves around Jonas, a young boy “chosen” to become a memory-receiver for an old man commonly referred to as “The Giver”. Set in a dystopian society, the book contains many parallels to the real world, and its’ message can still be relevant today.

 Now, i’ll be honest when I say I did not care for the book. The setting in this highly regulated universe interested me, but I feel as if it went nowhere interesting. However, my views on the story changed greatly after seeing this performance. This show was not your average theater performance. The very miniscule audience was seated on the theater’s actual stage itself, giving us a front center viewing of this solo-performance. Actor Aurea Tomeski managed to portray multiple characters and personalities within one hour straight with no intermission. Despite being the only actor on stage, she had a tremendous amount of talent and charisma. Each character was brought to life from the book very accurately, although with Aurea’s own twists.

 Overall, this adaptation of the Giver was certainly an interesting one. The acting in this show is inspiring, and I hope to see more talent like it.


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