A Christmas Carol Succeeds at Putting you in the Christmas Mood


Nebraska Theatre returned to the Zeiterion to perform their infamous production of A Christmas Carol, a performance that is always unforgettable. Directed by Kimberly Faith Hickman, Ablan Roblin, and Jeff Horger, the Nebraska Theatre’s production remained the same as last year, while the crowd’s energy changed and grew into more enthusiasm than seemingly prior. The whole show is based off of everyone’s anticipation for Christmas, however, the show only makes you more anticipating of the festive holiday.

In this year’s A Christmas Carol show, Ebenezer Scrooge is no longer played by Chad Bradford, but instead is played by Andy Harvey. Harvey, who has portrayed the role of Jacob Marley three times prior, pulled off an incredible portrayal of the pessimistic Ebenezer Scrooge. Scrooge is a deliberate hater of Christmas due to the death of his close friend Jacob Marley (Tommy Walker) that occurred on Christmas. As the show goes on you follow Scrooge’s journey reflecting his past, present, and future to hopefully change his outlook on Christmas for the better.

Following the past segment, the spirit of the past (Shonda L. Thurman) brings Scrooge back to his childhood, and allows him to reminisce on the happy times spent while he grew up. Moving along, you meet the Ghost of Christmas Present (Ryan Schisler) who shows Scrooge the reality of tough times that his employee Bob Cratchit (Dan Chevalier) and nephew Fred (Benjamin Wolfred) are going through. The worst of all is Scrooge’s meeting with the ‘Yet-to-Come’ spirit, who shows Scrooge his own future fate; death. Having to go through his past, present, and future allows Scrooge to come to his senses and realize he shouldn’t be so down on Christmas, and rather cheerful.

Nebraska Theatre flawlessly pulled off their set design and costume design, as per usual, thanks to their lead costumer Courtney Anderson Brown, among others. The costumes were authentically designed to fit the vintage aesthetic, while the intricately painted backgrounds added the perfect Christmas flare. “Snow” fell from the ceiling, live Christmas music was performed by an orchestra, and good spirits added to the crowd’s enthusiasm. Nobody could complain about the performance. Not to mention that the sets they’ve been using have remained the same since their first performance in 1975, according to road manager Landon Shaw. The show may not seem updated, but that’s what makes it so close to home; it’s authentic in a time where our arts society is becoming less and less.

Green and red spice up the atmosphere as it’s painted all over the show, colors that coincide to be visually appealing. It’s apparent that Christmas festivity is in their air throughout this entire show and it only makes for a more excited crowd that are awaiting the holidays to come. A Christmas Carol is a must see.

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