No Moths Were Used or Hurt in the Making of ‘The Moth’


When you think about ‘The Moth,’ you probably think about the name of some indie play or band that is having a show at the Z, but you’d be wrong. Instead of the possible assumption of some hipster-esque show, ‘The Moth’ featured a variety of truly inspiring and powerful storytellers.

The show began with host Dan Kennedy making the crowd feel comfortable and up to date on what would be occurring throughout the show, his jokes giving everyone a feel for the upcoming story tellers. Kennedy’s ability to make everyone at ease was definitely a highlight to the show, had there been an absence of him, the amount of resonation between the crowd and the storytellers would have remained awkward.

First onto the stage was Molly Kendall, who had the most soothing voice you could ever imagine. During her ten minute segment she discussed how she had decided to be a daredevil and leave her house with nothing, but a coat and boots on, in the middle of winter. Her recollection of this memory had the crowd wheezing with laughter as she went on to explain that she took on this daredevil persona on the way to her boyfriend’s house who had wanted to stay in for the night. Upon her arrival to his apartment, her boyfriend had decided that he wanted to go out to eat. This only made for a more comedic set.

Following the joy brought with Molly’s set, was the bittersweet Daniel Turpin. Unlike Kendall’s story which featured a multitude of happiness and laughter, came gut wrenching and sorrowness with Turpin’s story. Turpin’s story featured the topic of his ill mother who had recently gotten surgery. While recovering, their house was broken into, and Turpin had a gun held to his head. This was a turning point in his life as he realized he hadn’t even tried to stop the man from doing anything to him, let alone stealing anything. Although, the story had begun with a negative beginning, Turpin was quick to readjust the audience’s feelings by reassuring everyone that he (evidently) and his mother were both okay. I’m glad he told his story as it made me able to value my time being here more than before.

After intermission, Dan Kennedy returned and ended up telling the crowd a quick story about his overtly intelligent ex-girlfriend who he made a fool of himself in front of. It definitely set a happy mood after the tone of the previous story. Shortly after Kennedy’s painstakingly embarrassing story, Christopher Herbert made his way onto the stage to tell of his time as an assistant to the “Brotherly Leader and Guide of the Revolution of Libya.” His story consisted of renting Donald Trump’s mansion, putting up a tent, and renting a goat. I would explain, but it’s more of a “you need to hear it to believe it” kind of story.

My favorite of the night had to be Meg Ferrill. She was easily the funniest, most elaborate storyteller of the bunch. Her story consisted of buying sperm online, as sketchy as it sounds, and what came with buying it (no pun intended). Ferrill’s story shined a light on the difficulties that come as a lesbian couple trying to conceive, and as much of a hardship as it was, she greatly pulled through and now finds herself as a stay at home mother.

Abeny Kucha, was overall the most impactful and power of all the storytellers. Her situation dealt with what is currently a large issue in our society; she was a refugee from South Sudan. Kucha’s story was truly the most heartbreaking as it dealt with the loss of a child due to hunger, on her run during the 1980s when the second Civil War of South Sudan occurred. Her story was the one to make me cry. She held her head high as she told the story of her transition from Africa to America, and how proud she was to say that although her family came as refugees, they were now proud immigrants, doing society well. Kucha’s daughter went on to graduate from law school, while her other children would continue high school.

The Moth’ was a brilliant show, able to provide inspiring insight on the ups and downs of life. The show may not have featured any real moths, but the life lessons learned were well worth the watch.

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