The Moth Review


The Moth came to visit the Z on February 6, but don’t worry, this didn’t involve a pesky bug flying around the theatre for entertainment. The only time bugs could be somewhat involved in the show was at the very beginning, when viola player Tatiana Hargreaves started the show with a warm, homey fiddle tune that gave off the essence of sitting around a campfire with loved ones, as you shared some laughs and old memories; a scene which could involve a moth or two buzzing around.

The storytellers of The Moth would definitely be the life of the party at a campfire, with authentic, sometimes hilarious, sometimes moving tales that include themes of war crisis to sperm donors. Lets just say that the storytellers have a way of completely capturing the audience and taking their emotions down any road they want, sometimes causing the audience to burst into a fit of laughter, a unanimous cringe, or by not leaving a dry eye in the whole theater.

Each storyteller was unique in their story and personality, which added to their overall performances. A more blunt and less emotional storyteller like Meg Ferrill created a different type of humor than theatrical and flamboyant storyteller Christopher Herbert. These charismas of Ferrill, Herbert, and the rest of the performers captivated every audience member, and made The Moth so much more than just a storytelling show.

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