Like Moths to a Flame: The Moth Review


I went to the Zeiterion Theatre for the first time in five years, and was not disappointed.


Upon entering the building, I was surrounded by polite and friendly people. Everyone was nice: the staff, actors and actresses, and even the vast majority of the audience (who I met while passing out flyers)! Everyone was buzzing with excitement before the play even began, and when the intermission break came people were still thrumming with anticipation.


I usually like a good musical, or even just a regular plot-based play. Never had I watched a play of just…  people, standing and telling stories. To be honest, I was not looking forward to it at all, unlike my eager peers.


But I was blown away when the first act concluded! The MOTH was a rollercoaster ride of emotions and plot twists. The actors and actresses were animated in telling their stories and experiences. I found myself relating to a few… although I have never gone out to dinner with nothing but a coat on…


At first, it seemed to be a show based solely on comedy, but as it progressed there were a few suspenseful and nail-biting moments. I couldn’t have look away if I tried. One story, told by the actor Daniel Turpin, both terrified me and left me in apprehension. His story about a gun-wielding thief had me on the literal edge of my seat! The vocabulary and tone of voice he used while telling the audience of his tragedy pulled on my heartstrings! It was insane!


Another story, this one more comedic and lighthearted, told by Molly Kendall, revolved around a young girl and her move to New York. There’s not much I can tell about the actual story itself (no spoilers here!) but I will tell you that it had me laughing the entire time! She was hilarious! I wish I could have heard more stories from her! She was relatable and kind.
Overall, I recommend this awesome play to people of all ages. Well, maybe pre-teens and up. But in the end, this play was incredible and should be shared with people all over Massachusetts and all over the country. A truly remarkable set of stories.

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