The Moth Mainstage Review


This week at the Zeiterion ended with a great success. “The Moth Mainstage” is a non-profit series of real stories told by interesting people from around the world. In the past, The Moth has experienced great success, telling over 17,000 different stories over the years. Thursday at the theater was no different, as the entire venue had been sold out.


This show was hosted by Dan Kennedy, host of the Moth podcast and long-time performer at live Moth performances. His past stories had been featured in various media and have won many awards. For the Zeiterion audience, he had recounted a story of when his skin had been affected by the Seattle heat, warranting a very detailed and hilariously gross story.


Other presentations featured tales from storytellers which ranged from inspiring, tragic, and comedic. One of the funniest had been a tale of a failed visit to Donald Trump’s home by Muammar Gaddafi, which shed light on the great difference between political leaders here and in foreign countries. However, a more intense story came from a man who was robbed at gunpoint, creating a new view of life for him. Regardless of how these storytellers accomplished in making me feel, each was interesting and kept me hooked from beginning to finish. Not only were the stories amazing, but so were the presenters themselves. Every segment was told with great personality and clarity, with each being spoken clearly and in a way that would have made impossible for you to ignore.

Overall, the Moth was a pleasant surprise. A lot of enjoyment can be had learning amazing stories from other people’s lives. I’m glad that I attended the show and I’ll certainly look into how I can enjoy more of the Moth!

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