A Christmas Carol Review


One of the most well-known and commonly performed plays is back at the Zeiterion! Managing to sell out the venue, the Nebraska Theatre Caravan had paid New Bedford a visit with Charles Jones’s adaptation of A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens. Being the 37th consecutive year being toured, Jones’s version of A Christmas Carol had made it the longest. A Christmas Carol has been a successful tradition for both the Zeiterion and many other theaters, and this year was no exception.

This nearly two-hour long performance had remained true to the original tale. It stayed accurate to the source material, although being executed thoughtfully and originally. This version of A Christmas Carol had done the story justice, it portrays Charles Dickens’s original book respectfully and without making a mockery of it. Although there is not much new to say in terms of the overall story and script, the true talent and new elements brought to the table lie in the directing, acting, and other stage professions.

The story of course opens with an outdoor scene of the happy residents of the town singing and overall being excited for the holidays. Immediately noticeable how convincing the set design is. The main pieces to this set-up include a toy shop, Scrooge’s establishment, and a large gate and painted background. The amount of detail put into the various set pieces in props throughout is impressive, being both great in design and color. The paint used on the stage pieces give off a dark, yet comforting winter feel to the production.

Another noticeable aspect of this adaptation is the lighting and other effects. During happy or comforting indoor scenes, the stage makes use of warm colors to light the room, causing a very calming feel. False snow is also dropped from above, which further reminds the audience of a fun, Christmas atmosphere.

Of course, the performance wouldn’t be anything without the stars of the show. Characters like Scrooge manage to be become their role instantly and naturally. Being only 28 years old, Andy Harvey really gets inside Scrooge and his performance manages to be near-perfect. However, Andy was not the only good casting choice. For the whole show, there was not a single bad actor. Even the children, for their age did quite well. Every character felt genuine, and some sang well during the (few) musical scenes.

In the end, anyone who is familiar and enjoys the original A Christmas Character will be guaranteed to like this adaptation. If you plan on seeing A Christmas Carol this season, make sure it’s this one.

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