The Jaw-Dropping Peking Acrobats


Everything from tricks involving Chinese dragons to balancing atop six chairs that were then on top of four wine bottles was incorporated in “The Gravity Defying Peking Acrobats.” Throughout the show, the Peking Acrobats had the audience on the edge of their seats and wondering how this was even possible. From the beginning, the audience was introduced to the Chinese culture. Traditional Chinese instruments started off the show and were soon accompanied by large, Chinese dragons that are a symbol of strength and power in China. The dragons went up and down the aisles, using their extremely realistic movements to try to convince audience members that they were real.

Following up the mesmerizing beginning, the show went on and there were hand balancers, contortionists, juggling, and many partner stunts. Throughout the show, all of the acrobats did a great job of including comedy into various parts. The acrobats also incorporated many traditional activities such as Chinese yo-yos and spinning plates into the show.

One of the most incredible tricks of the night was right at the beginning of the second half. Throughout intermission, we observed the acrobats setting up two vertical poles, going up as far as you could see. Then, when the second half began, many men ran onto the stage, jumped onto the poles, and began climbing them all the way to the top, as if they were monkeys. One man, then, went to the top of one pole and leapt from one to the other, causing everyone to hold their breath until the heart-stopping event was over.

The whole show captivated the essence of the Chinese culture. It gave you a small, yet wonderful insight into the history, music, and amazing talents of the Chinese people.

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