Put the Mock in Democracy


This year’s election has been referred to as, “the most important election we, as a country, will face.” Heated political discussions have become an everyday normality and strong oppositions have been formed in this country due to the very distinctly different views of each candidate. “Capitol Steps” was a breath of fresh air from America’s political chaos because it shed a funny and satirical light on the election and other issues.

“Capitol Steps” was a mix of song and standup with the actors imitating important political figures such as Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama, etc. The show was absolutely hysterical. They fired one joke after another. One of the most memorable jokes was during the Clinton-Trump debate skit. The mediator asked “Why did the chicken cross the road?”, to which “Trump” responded, “Because there was no wall.” This joke, and the skit in its entirety, raised an uproar of laughter from the audience.

Maybe even more impressive than the jokes were the spot on impressions by all of the actors, not least of which is a Donald Trump, played by Kevin Corbett. From the pursed lips to the excessive use of the phrase “Believe me”, he nailed the impression right on the head.

Another standout actress was Janet Davidson Gordon who played Hillary Clinton. Not only did she have a great impression of Clinton (using the classic audience finger point), but she had a beautiful voice, which enhanced her performance.

Not a moment went by during this show where there wasn’t laughter coming from the audience. I highly recommend “Capitol Steps” for a funny and lighthearted night out.

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