Capitol Steps Review


The Capitols Steps performed a really memorable show with their political satire. While they did not have many props on stage, you can really tell they didn’t need it. They were really talented and had an amazing script. It was amazing, and unexpected, to see them take on their modified version of famous songs, but being played be a piano. It was also very funny to see some of the actors break character and laugh, just because the script was really well written. It was amazing to see these actors perform because you can really tell that they know what they are talking about. I loved seeing them interact with the audience, and even improvising. It felt as if they cared about us, and they wanted to make us laugh, despite the controversial topic. But to me the best part about the entire act was that they did not have preferences to any candidate. Even as an ex-Bernie Sanders supporter, it was very entertaining to see them poke fun at him. The only problem this play has is that you need to be caught up to date with politics, which voters should anyway, and sometimes you have to be very quick to catch some really good jokes. Besides these two minor inconveniences, the play was amazing. I strongly recommend it, but only if you go in open minded, no matter who you like as a candidate, as they mock all current politicians. They are able to take something that is heavily avoided by many into something that you want to talk about a lot.

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