Capitol Steps Review


As the current presidential election gains the attention of American citizens across the country, and countless scandals and foreign issues arise, the state of the modern world becomes questionable. “The Capitol Steps” is a political satire poking fun at many old and new topics that have affected both the US and other countries.

Although they started as Senate staffers themselves, the folks behind The Capitol Steps have been spoofing their employers and other famous political figures for over thirty years. Their recent parodies are always in jest of recent or current occurrences, such as the ongoing Trump vs. Hillary election. The Capitol Steps haven’t restricted themselves to just theater either, as many of their recorded comedy albums are available on their website (!).

The Capitol Steps show that took place in the Zeiterion Performing Arts Center begins with a fantastic portrayal of a satirical president Obama, whose defining behavioral features are greatly exaggerated. Throughout the play’s opening, Obama’s monologue mocks or parodies familiar events within the United States. After he was finished, another actor portraying a different figure was presented on stage, also presenting a skit to the audience, and repeat. This was the common set-up for the whole entire show, which proved to be effective.

The current actors on stage never failed to make the audience laugh or applaud. Each and every single performer was a perfect casting for their character, right down to voices and specific gestures. The actor’s interpretation of Donald Trump and Barack Obama were especially impressive, as they got their performance down perfectly. You can tell when a performer takes effort and fun into their craft, and it is very evident here.

The writing never failed to make the audience erupt in laughter, as each sentence spoken contained subtle, but very clever jabs at our country. No single joke spoken felt weak or forced. Lots of time and focus has clearly been taken into writing this show, and that is saying a lot considering how recent the events depicted are, leaving little time to tune the script much further.

Anyone who has been keeping up will politics will appreciate this show. Everything down to the casting, performance, wardrobe, and writing were spot-on. If you ever get the chance to view a live or pre-recorded show by The Capitol Steps, I highly recommend it. If you want high-quality comedy that is almost always hit than miss, it might as well be this one.

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