Capitol Steps Review


On Thursday, October 20th, I attended a show put on by the group ‘Capitol Steps’ at the Zeiterion Theatre. ‘Capitol Steps’, a group specializing in political satire, absolutely nailed their 2015-2016 show. It was a great laugh and I had a wonderful time.

Their current roster of politicians to poke fun at includes Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, Donald Trump, Bernie Sanders, Vladimir Putin, Bill Clinton, Tim Kaine, Mike Pence, and many more. Seeing our present-day presidential candidates break into song had me absolutely gasping for breath. However, while most of this singing group’s impressions were spot-on, some of them could have been a little more colorful. Some of the jokes were a tad too obscure for me to understand fully, but that is more my own lack of interest in politics than the fault of ‘Capitol Steps’. Despite these, I found the show to be incredibly enjoyable. Almost all of the actors and actresses had their portrayals down pat. I was particularly impressed by how well the performers had captured their characters’ mannerisms. “Hillary’s” obnoxious laugh and “Obama’s” unique way of making public addresses were encapsulated perfectly. The excellence of the performers, paired with the witty and original musical parodies, are guaranteed to make anybody crack a smile.

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