Capitol Steps Review


With the upcoming presidential election approaching quickly, many may be getting dragged down by the negativity and hostility this election cycle has offered. One of the few positives of this election has been the hilarious skits many comedians have been coming up with and performing this past year and a half. Many of these political satires have spun controversial and highly disputed issues into some of the funniest skits of all time. And Capitol Steps sure didn’t fall short of these expectations.

To start off the season at the Zeiterion, what better way to unite Democrats, Republicans, and Independents with some political comedy? And with the theme of the year at the Zeiterion being “you are here”, this show allowed you to live in the moment and not think about the third and final presidential debate, which happened to fall on that same night. Throughout the show, there were various parodies about the election and current issues that were sung to the tune of new and popular songs. This added a whole other level to the political satire that has risen from this election because now they were using songs that people know and love and replacing the lyrics with different issues that had recently occurred in the midst of the election.

During the show, many political figures continued to be presented to the audience. By performing short, material rich skits, the show was able to get through many different topics which included a wide variety of characters. Some of the people that showed up during the show were Barack Obama, Bernie Sanders, Bill Clinton, Chris Christy, Tim Kaine, Vladimir Putin, and of course, the two who could not be left out, Hilary Clinton and Donald Trump. The skits dealt with everything from presidential debates, to Germany, Greece and France having a conversation to issues arising in the women’s Supreme Court bathroom.

The set and lighting of the show weren’t extravagant but by having it be more simplistic it allowed you to appreciate the comedic and musical aspects even more. If the set had been more overwhelming then it would have distracted the audience from the actual performance. Also, different characters brought out signs and posters once in a while which added to the visual appeal of the show. Overall, the show allowed the audience to take a break from the ongoing, what seems like, negative news surrounding this election cycle and look at how this election has been more of a comedic masterpiece in the making than a serious, issue encompassing election that the American people have become familiar with over the past few presidential elections.

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