Capitol Steps Up to the Plate and Knocks it Out of the Park


With the impending presidential election getting closer and closer each passing day , it goes without saying that tensions are rising among all as we anxiously hear about debates, outrageous new information that’s been discovered about each candidate, and strong yet extremely opposing views on Donald Trump being shouted across the dinner table. For many, November eighth is looking utterly dismal and are desperately looking for someone to make light of the United States’ current situation. If that’s the case, then you need look no further than the Capitol Steps, a comedy troupe of former Senate member-turned performers who make satirical spoofs about politics around the world.

Immediately after walking into the theater and seeing only five people under the age of 60 (aside from myself and the other Teen Ambassadors), I had the sinking feeling that the entire 90 minute show would consist of outdated references to politics that would go completely go over my head. However, my fears faded when the show began with an absolutely hysterical mock debate featuring our two presidential candidates bickering like children that had the entire audience nearly dying of laughter.The rest of the performance featured scarily perfect impressions of political leaders ranging from Putin to President Obama (along with a spot-on Donald Trump impression that rivals Alec Baldwin’s) and witty new perspectives on topical issues such as Britain leaving the European Union and Bernie Sanders that had people of all ages nodding their heads in agreement at the accuracy of the Capitol Steps’ commentary on the subjects.

Aside from a variety of World Leaders making appearances throughout the show, following each bit there was a parody of some Top 40 hit that perfectly coincides with the topic preceding it and added even more humor to each section, which didn’t even seem possible due to its utter hilarity). Although I’ll admit that the idea of having political covers sung every ten to fifteen minutes appears tacky and very cheesy, I can assure you that the members of this comedy troupe write and incorporate the lyrics so seamlessly that you can’t help but clutch your stomach in pain from laughing so hard. Some of my personal favorites were “Shut Up and Vote for Me”, “We Only Have Tim Kaine”, and a medley of songs from Greece, a new musical about all of Greece’s struggles as a country.

All in all, Capitol Steps put on an absolutely hilarious show filled with topical, political jabs that effortlessly humors all ages  being made from the perspective of former government workers who know about the topics and people addressed firsthand. Complete with spot-on impressions that are make the actors absolutely indistinguishable from the people they’re portraying and catchy wit-filled parodies of popular new music that will be replaying constantly in your head for days to come. Capitol Steps have really honed their performing skills and know how to grab a crowd’s attention immediately and never let go with current and fresh material. For all those that are into politics and have the ability to laugh no matter what your views are, this is the group for you.                                                                                     

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