Something to Make you Speechless: Peking Acrobats


Amazing, spectacular, wonderful; these are all adjectives that could be used to describe the incredible talent I witnessed at the Peking Acrobats performance. To be honest, I was speechless most of the time, so trying to describe in words what I saw is difficult. From flipping through hoops to balancing on a stack of chairs, these performers did it all, which nearly gave me a heart attack, but was nonetheless a sight to see.

The whole show tapped into an unknown culture to myself and many others, but has left me wanting to know more. There were live performers playing traditional instruments and costumes that embodied the Chinese culture. The costumes were beautiful and the stunts they did were heart wrenching. At moments I couldn’t watch because I was too afraid to look. The acrobats put there lives at danger in some cases and I was never sitting comfortably. I was always on the edge of my seat inhaling the excitement of the show.

The acts were very impressive and showed how strong and balanced these people are. I can’t name anything I didn’t find absolutely fantastic! They juggled hats, flipped across the stage, balanced vases on their heads and climbed silks, just to name a few! While watching the performers climb and balance on each other I realized how teamwork is a key component to what they do. They rely on one another and in some cases it can be deadly if they don’t all work as a team.

My heart was beating rapidly the whole time and I was completely mesmerized by the feats these people have accomplished. I HIGHLY recommend this show for any age from adults to children! It is very entertaining and also a beautiful experience that you will remember.

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