Discovery Through Music


On October 25, 2015 I was fortunate enough to attend “Piaf! Le Spectacle” and listen to songs about Edith Piaf’s life. Although, I do not speak French and the show was entirely in French, I was still able to sit back, enjoy and follow along with respect to the feelings given through each song. Edith Piaf’s unique life was quite evident and with the help of the backdrop, which displayed clips and pictures pertaining to the current songs performed by Anne Carrere, the audience understood the ups and downs of her life. Additionally, Anne Carrere’s energy as well as motion and interaction with the instrumentalists also helped grasp an idea of what was occurring and being conveyed in each song.

The performance was full of a variety of themes and messages integrated in the lyrics of each song. Themes regarding love, the happy and sad aspects of it, were a reoccurring theme through several pieces of her work. Also several songs had to do with simple and happy experience like attending the fair. Moreover, there were songs about Paris and even preforming itself, titled “Paris” and “Bravo.”

Anne Carrere singing capabilities were remarkable and riveting. Somehow throughout this two hour-long performance she never missed a beat. She sung with as much energy in the beginning of the performance as the end of the performance. Anne Carrere’s interactions with the crowd towards the end immensely enhanced the show and I would have liked to see more of this throughout the performance.  Lastly, the use of technology was a great addition to the show. The lighting heightened the experience while listening to the songs. For example, the change of color of the light from normal to orange as well as the flashes of light made the performance more entertaining to watch. In conclusion, this performance was unlike any other I had attended and I was very impressed with the vocals of Anne Carrere and the talent of the instrumentalists and their methods of conveying Edith Piaf’s life through music.

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