Padam Madam!


     The life of diva, Edith Piaf, comes to life right before your eyes in the live production of Piaf! Le Spectacle. This true story of rags to riches portrays the highlights of the french singer’s rise to fame, and pays homage to her more famous songs such as, La Vie en Rose, Hymne a L’amour, Padam…Padam, Jezebel and plenty more. Staging wise the lights are greatly effective and add to the gravitas of the performance. The multimedia accompaniment displays Edith Piaf and France, during World War II, make the show all the more worthwhile. The black and white photography in the showing of Piaf! Le Spectacle is a great backdrop to the show and gives it a certain maturity and charm.

Charming as the stage set up is, it has to compete with the ever charismatic Anne Carrere. The actress demands the audience’s attention as soon as the spotlight hits her for the opening number. She easily commands the stage with her mannerisms, and facial expressions that tell a story all their own. Accompanying Ms. Carrere are four talented musicians playing the music live for the performance. The company as a whole has a nice chemistry for the moments they interact with each other and the audience.

Speaking of interaction: this show happens to break the fourth wall while remaining in character and setting by including the audience as if they were attending an Edith Piaf concert. There are a few moments of this, where Anne asks the audience to sing along or finds someone to dance with. The show is generally warm and inviting with a warming salute to France before intermission that will leave you wanting to take out your passport.   


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