Edith Piaf’s Voice Lives On


Vintage photos illuminated off of an opaque screen, adding light into the dark theatre. Lights from an old Paris scene set on stage begin to glow before a small, womanly figure walked across the stage. Edith Piaf, a French cabaret singer, was the topic of discussion leading up to her songs being performed by Anne Carrere. Carrere sang Piaf’s songs, depicting her life, with an emotional intensity that moved everybody in the crowd.

The first half of the performance is Piaf’s life in a small cafe in Paris, accompanied by a live band, Carrere’s performance is melodic and more. With a voice like Carrere’s, it was hard to believe Piaf herself wasn’t up on the stage singing songs such as Autumn Leaves and Milord. The passion and joy put into the performance put everyone in the theatre in a good mood as they listened to Piaf’s hits. Carrere always exhibited enthusiasm whenever she sang an upbeat song and was also able to easily look sorrowful when singing a heartbreaking song.

Moving into the second half of the production, the show started with Piaf’s uprising in the industry. Carrere performed Piaf’s most famous numbers at that point, hitting each note careful not to miss any- in which case she did not. Walking off the stage and into the crowd was a major plus as it allowed her interaction with men in the crowd. With one particular man, she began to slow dance with him while singing, which resulted in everyone in the crowd clapping beyond belief.

Piaf! Le Spectacle is presumably French and although you know this ahead of seeing the performance, incorporating some more English would have been helpful. Carrere’s authentic French incorporated with her astounding singing definitely made any of her performances throughout the show Grammy worthy.

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