It’s Elementary to Enjoy Sherlock Holmes!


There are some classics that never become dated. They live through the turns of centuries, through fads in the media, and even excel their contemporary counterparts. Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s creation of Sherlock Holmes is the epitome of a franchise that has been recreated and molded to fit both its Victorian setting and that of the world we’re living in today. The Zeiterion Performing Arts Center has taken on the challenge of showcasing Doyle’s original manuscript through the Aquila Theatre’s performance of The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes, with a believable and enjoyable twist.

The iconic role of Sherlock Holmes has always been followed by actors who can easily encapsulate his methodical, yet cocky way of gathering information and deciphering even the trickiest of clues. The Aquila Theatre’s rendition is no different as their Holmes is played by The New York School for Drama alumna and female actor, Jackie Schram, showing the audience that there are no bounds to be left behind in when it comes to the arts. The topic of Holmes’ genderswap came into play in the first act, as distressed Violet Hunter (Kirsten Foster) barges into 221B Baker street and mistakes Dr. Watson (Peter Groom) for his eccentric and partner.

There is a charming way of discussing gender roles and the expectations that come with society in The Adventures. In all three acts the audience watches on as women themselves are making decisions based on their sole beliefs and risking their marriages, their reputations, and even their lives in order to become who it is they envision themselves as. An inspiring and comical performance, there is everything from the topic of race and discrimination in late-1800’s England to a grown man feigning horse noses and cross-dressing to boot. In the duration of two hours, it’s possible to escape into the world of Holmes and her ragtag excursions and also to feel comfort in the resolutions that follow. An overall, progressive rendition.

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