To Sherlock She is Always the Woman


The Aquila Theatre adopts Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s most recognized characters, the famous Sherlock Holmes and Doctor Watson. In this adaptation the theatre group organized a performance that consisted of The Adventure of the Copper Beeches, The Adventure of the Yellow Face, and A Scandal in Bohemia. The cast consisted of five members from different studios backgrounds. An early bit of inspiration found in the show was the executive choice to cast Sherlock Holmes as a woman, played by the energetic Jackie Schram.

The casting decision adds a different layer to the performance due to the time period the stories take place in; the setting of the novels being 1920’s-1930’s England. There are a few remarks within the dialogue of the show that poke at the fact that Sherlock is a woman rather than a male. For example when Miss Violet seeks Sherlock’s help she comes seeking the help of a “Mr. Holmes” which was clearly an articulate casting decision.

The classic tales are rendered in a rather comical and light hearted way, using all members of the cast to create a scene and tell a narrative within the production. The staging was a crucial element within the play. Though the props hardly left the stage, the actors and actresses utilized what was on stage, taking up and filling every inch of the set with their lines and character. Each thespian had a well developed sense of what drove their characters to do what they did. Create a mystery. In my opinion this was a fun and witty remake of the classic stories, doing what Sherlock has done for fans for years. Fascinate and intrigue the sleuth inside us all.      


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