A Timeless Classic


The lights go up on the stage, creating a dark scene of mystery. Sherlock Holmes enters the stage, being portrayed as a woman. While the main character is played in a different perspective, the show maintains the element of mystery and fun.

The setting of the play was beautiful, maintaining the mood throughout the production. While the lighting was beautifully dim and intricate, the furniture and color schemes throughout the production were simplistic. This allowed the audience to maintain a focus on the actual characters throughout the scenes. Minimal amounts of props allowed the audience to use their own imagination and create their own interpretation at certain parts.

Although the three different stories were complex in their own ways, the small amount of characters performed each part wonderfully. While Sherlock Holmes was played by one person, the other characters played different parts. The characters were easily distinguishable for each role. Doctor Watson was played in a quirky light, representing the classic character perfectly. Sherlock Holmes was depicted perfectly, entertaining the audience with the classic Sherlock Holmes mysteries.

Sherlock Holmes was played perfectly as a woman. The contradicting portrayal created the idea that women can equally represent characters. While the Sherlock Holmes novels were written in a time where women were not depicted in theatre productions, the production became a classic. It was interesting to see the production in modern perspective being portrayed as a woman. The production was thoroughly entertaining and gave the audience the wonderful opportunity to see the production in modern terms.

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