Mysterious Agendas Solved by Sherlock


On March 20, 2016 I was fortunately able to attend “The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes” along with other fellow Zeiterion guests. The play had a female Sherlock and Jackie Schram starred as this role; and this modern spin on the story helped emphasize current day improvements in gender equality. Moreover, the play was comprised of five actors, where some played multiple roles within the play. Usually I have never been a fan of multi-character actors in a singleplay but I can say with righteous honesty, this was one of the most impressive plays I have had the privilege to watch.


Also, the play was broken down into three separate mysterious that unraveled in front of each audience member’s eyes. The first mystery was about a young woman named Violet who had an unusual job opportunity from this man. The pay was great but some of his requirements were suspicious. Before taking the job she reached out to Sherlock to hear her thoughts on its legitimacy. This mystery continues on and details Sherlock’s journey to understand the man and his unusual actions which leads to an even bigger surprise.

The second mystery is about a young married couple who are deeply in love. Until one day the wife begins to act strange and out of character. The husband is dumbfounded and unsure what the problem is and goes to Sherlock for advice and clarity. As the mystery continues the audience becomes aware that the wife is keeping one big secret and during a suspenseful portion in this piece the characters all freeze and the show goes into an intermission. When the show returns, the characters resume their positions and the mystery continues it’s unravelling plot.

The third mystery is about a highclass ruler who s being blackmailed by scandalous pictures. Sherlock helps the king figure out the location of the blackmail but the mystery of it all ends in an unexpected way. In conclusion, this play is full of twists and turns, love, blackmail, and death and this intriguing show is something you wouldn’t want to miss.

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