Sherlock Holmes: Unsolved Mysteries


     Who do you call when you need a mystery solved? Sherlock Holmes of course! In this exciting and mystery filled performance, Mr.Holmes is now Mrs. Holmes. I personally loved the idea of a female Sherlock Holmes ,and Ms. Jackie Schram did a fantastic job of portraying her character! You could hardly think it was unnatural for her, she fit right in. With only 5 actors, the performers often switched characters by changing their voice and personality; it was truly amazing to see the actors ability to adapt to such change so often.

    As I watched Sherlock and her partner, Mr.Watson, explore unknown mysteries, I noted the intricate detailed props and how the actors used their imaginations to help further develop the scenes. The transitions between each scene and varying location were quite smooth and did not interrupt the performance. What I thought was quite unique, however, was how the performers showed a memory or a flashback opposed to the present. The stage would dim and the actors would portray that particular memory while the present action was frozen in the background. It was a simple yet effective way to distinguish what was past and present.

    In this particular performance, there was little to no music (mainly sound effects), and mostly straight up dialogue. To prevent the performance from becoming dry, the actors often incorporated noticeable humor that made me and my companions laugh several times. Another bonus was a rectangle screen hanging above the actors that changed with each scene. It helped the audience imagine what was going on or where the action was taking place.

    With every mystery Sherlock solved, the plot lines and conflicts were intriguing yet realistic. Every actor really embodied his/her character and brought the production to life. I could have watched Sherlock and Watson solve 10 more mysteries and I wouldn’t get bored! I thoroughly enjoyed my experience and if you haven’t already, go buy tickets to the next available performance and get in on their next case!

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