Love, Music and Roses


The lights dim in the theatre, a large image of the Eiffel tower is shown, and a single streetlight shows an accordion player. The accordion player graces the audience with a soft ballad, transporting everyone to the 30’s of Paris. The audience quickly meets Edith Piaf, being performed by Anne Carrere. Throughout the production, Carrere serenades the audience with many of Piaf’s most popular works, telling the passionate and beautiful story of Edith Piaf through song. The audience is drawn to Carrere’s soulful voice and the wonderful driven beat from the accompanying band.

Throughout the production, the story of Piaf is unraveled through her songs. Her band supports the story, illustrating her life as a performer and allows the audience to see her true personality. The band of a bass, piano, drums, and accordion are crucial to the sound of the performance. Each instrumentalist has their own pieces that help with the flow of the production. Many beautiful ballads are performed by the pianist and accordion player, while the bass and the drummer assist Piaf through her upbeat and bold songs. The charming personalities of the instrumentalists add to the charm of Le Spectacle.

The simple set is used to keep the audience’s attention on the performance of the piece. The different slideshows through different points of the performance are used to connect audiences with Piaf’s true heartbreaks.Throughout Piaf’s constant struggles on the cold streets of Paris, she continues to find strength and make something out of her life. Carrere does an excellent job of illustrating Piaf’s emotions during her times of troubles. Carrere shows a true connection to Piaf, even crying during one of her ballads. Her strong voice and charming personality captivate the audience throughout the performance.

The performance emphasizes Piaf’s true heartfelt desires to obtain happiness and love through her passions. She shows true desire for passion through her songs like “La Vie En Rose” and “Mon Dieu.” Carrere possesses the qualities of Piaf that spark feelings of joy and love throughout the audience. This performance illustrates that with love and passion, anything is possible.

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