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The dance company BodyTraffic presents a stunning array of modern dance techniques through their various different pieces. The dance company has done commissioned work out of LA since 2007. Their style and costumes add a different texture to their unique storytelling in all of the numbers that they do. For the Zeiterion the company performed two particular commissioned works, the first being And at midnight the green wife floated through the village square… (requested by The Joyce Theatre Foundation) and Dust (requested by The Place Prize).  

The first act was based on and adapted from the true story of a family that experienced many problems and turmoil. The story switches from a whimsical fashion, poking fun at certain situations and then takes a turn to a darker side. The dancers have perfect focus, engaging the audience with their facial expressions to truly show how well rounded they are in their craft. Certain moments you are unsure if you should be laughing or stoic because they poke fun at serious topics. All the dancers could reach great heights during leaps, and were synchronized in their movements which had a pleasant uniformed look on the stage during And at midnight the green wife floated through the village square…

Conversely in Dust the performance showed the struggle of humanity, questioning the meaning of existence. The audio for the piece was custom tailored and composed by the choreographer; Hofesh Schechter. Dust has sharper movements and doesn’t flow like the other. The piece is meant to be harsher and more painful. The tone is overall ominous and leaves the viewer transfixed. The hand movements in the performance were particular, the dancers using swifter and more precise movements. The act showed a great deal of complexity, revealing far deeper messages of self purpose and fulfillment. If you are a dancer this company does a stunning job of bringing concepts to life and is something to sit back and enjoy. And if you enjoy the performing arts it’s a visual masterpiece. Overall the show was a delight.   

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