On Saturday February 27 I was fortunate enough to attend BodyTraffic. Body Traffic is a dance company originated out of Los Angeles that perform interpret dances that convey a story.

The performance was broken down into three stories. The first story titled “And At Midnight, The Green Bride Floated Through The Village Square” revolved around a true story of a family of eight sisters and one brother who constantly argued and led jealous lives which ultimately led to a life comprised of rage, unhappiness, and loneliness. The dance number itself illustrated the eight sisters fighting over men and going through a wide range of emotion with sharp dance moves combined with dance moves that incorporate a spin on everyday movements. Moreover during the show a couple of lines were spoken; the first line spoken was about fish, the second about pigeons, and the third about lamb. The purpose of these random limited portions of commentary I believe was to convey the little power women obtained in the house. In the dialogue sequences a man spoke to a women about how each particular animal deserved to die and be cooked in a certain way for the pleasure of people’s tastebuds. However, after the man finished his speaking section, the women got very offended and expressed this with a slap to his face, or other appalled reactions. Moreover, throughout the performance moralities and topics of debate arise as the characters go through their lives.

However, the second dance performance titled “Dust” was inspired by Cult and was rich of dark sounds and turmoil similar to the previous performance but the soundtrack was comprised of more real life noises rather than musical instrument pieces. Also, much of the dance was taking place in a very dim setting similar to the previous dance however this presentation has a rather frightening feel that makes the audience shiver. Moreover, at one point a deep manly voice projected over the loudspeakers began chanting, “something to fight for, something to live for, something to die for.” This chanting set the mood as a very suspenseful and dark atmosphere and meanwhile the dancers moved to the chant in extremely dim lighting. The dancing was very in sync and each movement proved to make meaning.

In contrast, the last portion of the performance titled, “O2Joy” was polar opposite to the previous portions of the show. It conveyed simple happiness through the power of music and movement. Each dancer wore bright and colorful clothing accompanied with bright lighting and a colorful backdrop behind them. The experience reminded me of a talent show at some points, or maybe even a standard dance competition but nevertheless the happiness exerted from the dancers was contagious and left the audience feeling upbeat.


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