Body Traffic was a great show where stories were told through the art of contemporary dancing. The skill and emotion the performers from Body Traffic had made it a great show for dancers and non-dancers alike. There were three very different pieces performed.

 The first one was called “And At Midnight, The Green Bride Floated Through The Village Square”. This dance told the story of a house in a neighborhood that became known as the “Burning House” because of the fighting, screaming, and cursing that was heard during all hours of the day and night. This piece had very simple dance moves and focused more on the storytelling. Some aspects of the dance were hard to follow if you did not read the description of the story in the program book. If you did read the description however, you could pick up on certain actions and relate it to what you had read. It was amazing to see how they represented the tale in the form of a dance piece. Occasionally during the piece, a microphone would come out and two performers would speak a slew of dark humored jokes. The crowd roared with laughter.

 The next piece was entitled, “Dust”. This piece was very dark and mysterious. The dancers showed a lot of technique, mastering very difficult moves. In the music, there was a part where a man would chant: “Something to fight for, something to live for, something to die for.” These words were eerie, but they made you think. After the piece was done, the whole crowd was moved. The way the dancers gracefully moved to this somber music was absolutely beautiful.

 The third and final piece was called, “O2Joy”. This dance was very different from the last because it was lighthearted and fun. This piece paid homage to American jazz standards. It involved a lot of partner work and swing steps. A standout in this performance was Matthew Rich, who danced and lip synced to an Ella Fitzgerald song. The whole crowd was entertained by his charismatic personality.

 Body Traffic is a great show with a very interesting concept. I would recommend anyone who is interested in dance to go see it.

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