The Power of Dance


Going into all of the shows at the Zeiterion, it is always important to keep an open mind. For Body Traffic, in order to understand the different concepts, it was important to let go of all expectations, and just let your imagination take control. In Body Traffic, three different pieces were performed by a variety of dancers from the company, Body Traffic, based in Los Angeles. In the first half, one piece was performed, then after the intermission, the other two pieces.

The first piece, entitled “And at Midnight, The Green Bride Floated Through the Village Square,” was about the yelling and anger coming from the neighbors of the choreographer’s mother when she was living in Yemen. Throughout this first piece, the idea of male dominance was a recurring theme. The men tied the women up, as if they were animals, nailed a woman’s shoes onto a board, not allowing her to walk on her own, and there was even a scene that depicted the men beating the women. Throughout the first piece, the men treated all the women the same with no difference being shown from one woman to the next. Also, I thought it was ironic that throughout this piece they were playing French love songs and hymns, when the content and message of the dances was far from loving. This first piece was one of the most relevant topics to our society today and overall very thought provoking.

During the intermission, we had plenty of time to stretch our legs because the fire alarm went off and everyone had to evacuate. Luckily nothing was wrong, and as they say “the show must go on.” We were pulled back into the show by an unusual and disturbing dance. Throughout this second piece there was mainly just one man on stage. To go along with the uncomfortable music, there was a really eerie voice reiterating many strange phrases. All of the different short phrases seemed like they were thoughts running through this man’s head, almost as if her were going insane or thinking about committing suicide.

The third and final piece of the show was an upbeat, jazzy performance. This piece was actually made to pay tribute to American Jazz. This upbeat and lively combination showcased the liveliness of jazz music. The costumes were a lot brighter than all of the others and the background of the stage changed as the mood changed from song to song.

The entire show, overall, was very moving. From the sad and creepy parts, to the happy and vibrant parts, Body Traffic was an unforgettable performance demonstrating just how large of an affect dance can have on a single person, a community, or even an entire generation.

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